Why Is Window Tinting Crucial in Florida Heat?A hot day in Florida is quite intense. However, window tinting can make it easier. A window tinting is a special coating applied to the window of the car to prevent a certain spectrum or amount of sunlight from passing through the glass. It makes the ride more comfortable, protects your health, and also provides you with a safe haven from the Florida heat. 

What Are The Benefits?

There are many benefits of window tinting. Here are some examples of window tinting. 

  1. Cooler ride

The dark window of a vehicle will give away a mysterious cool looking vibe and reduce the heat inside the vehicle. The openness of the wide-angle front windows allows sunlight into the vehicle, which increases heat. However, in a window tinted car, the glass’s maximum number of thermal rays gets blocked. Only a filtered amount of sunlight goes through the glass. This is how heat is blocked, and the inside of the car stays cool. 

A window tint can block up to 35-60% of solar heat generated from the sun. With the reduced heat, you will use less air cooler. It will also make you use less fuel and be more environmentally friendly. Tints effectively help block the heat and prevent the increase of temperature to an uncomfortable level. It is very useful during hot summertime.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The type, shade, and make of the tint are dependent on the amount of blocked heat. Different options provide different outcomes of blocked heat percentages. For example, Lower transparency window tints reduce heat by up to 70 percent. However, normal window tinting provides almost 35 to 45 percent of heat rejection. Furthermore, Premium tint can provide heat rejection up to 80 percent.

  1. Safer driving

Additionally, window tinting reduces solar glare. This will help you to avoid being blinded by the sun while driving. Going to work, school, or other places, the window tinting will help you see more clearly. Window tinting can increase safety so you can see everything without having the glare from the sun distract you. It will decrease the chances of accidents while driving. So, the window tinting will make you and your friends and family safer.   

  1. Interior Protection

Having a window tint can protect the leather from cracking and prevent interiors from fading. However, the open window designed to give the drivers more view lets more sunlight inside the car. The sunlight, however, damages the leather inside the car. It leads to leather crack and dryness and also discolors the leather. This may make your car less valuable. Then the investment you made to the car becomes underwhelming. A simple window tinting can save your car’s interior and keep your car’s value high as well as still hold the car’s interior beauty.

  1. UV Rays Blockage

Window tint also blocks the dangerous ultraviolet rays, commonly known as UV rays, from entering your vehicle. UV rays from the sun possess a serious health concern. The rays are associated with many diseases. Skin cancer and other serious medical conditions are the results of UV rays. 

Many people don’t consider wearing sunscreen in the car but this is one of the best places to burn, especially if there is no form of UV protection from your windows. It can be easy to get a sunburn even on a short car trip in Florida. Car windows that are not tinted are associated with the highest levels of sun exposure and increase the odds of developing sun-related conditions. High-quality window tints may filter up to 99 percent of harmful rays. So, a tinted window will reduce your direct contact with UV rays. It will keep you protected and safe from many bad health conditions.

Window tinting is not just for looks. It may look cool to have a tinted window, but it also gives you protection from the dangerous and uncomfortable sun. Contact us at “Wheel Identity” in Tampa, Florida, to buy a tinted window yourself or to learn more about tinted windows from our experts.