Who Installs Lift Kits Near MeIf you are in the Tampa Bay area and are looking for ways to improve your off-roading adventures, you have probably come to the conclusion that your vehicle needs to have larger tires in order to perform a lot better when off-roading. However, this realization will likely send you on a long search for a suspension specialist who can sell you (and help you install) a lift kit in order to make your ride a lot smoother. These same specialists can also help you find the perfect accessories for your specific vehicle in order to get the absolute most out of your offroading. Looking for lift kits near me? Look no further Wheel Identity has you covered! 

At Wheel Identity, our well-trained team of professionals are here to help you identify what exactly you need in order to get the most out of your off-roading adventures, and this includes a fully stocked supply of the top brands on the market such as Pro Comp, Fab-Tech and even Rock Krawler, as well as many, many more. Our goal is to be able to offer any customer with any kind of ride the perfect and finest lift kit for their specific needs. 

While customers may be on the hunt for “a lift kit,” we specialize in making sure you get the perfect lift kit for your vehicle needs and budget, not just simply getting any old lift kit just for the sake of it. 

Benefits of Getting a Lift Kit

While there are so many reasons why one might want to look into purchasing a lift kit or a body kit when it comes to customizing their vehicle, one of the absolute best reasons to look into them is if you are at all interested in going off-roading. If any type of regular off-roading is something you are interested in, then a lift kit is a necessity for your ride. 

The team of professionals at Wheel identity have a lot of real-world and practical experience which means they will be able to help you identify which lift kits will be best for your specific ride. 

At Wheel Identity, we offer many different types of lift kits that match all kinds of budgets. Some of the top brands that we carry include Pro Comp, Skyjacker, Ready Lift, Fab-Tech, Daystar, Tuff Country, SmittyBilt and so many more. This means we will have whatever your vehicle and your budget require.  

Suspension Lift Kits

When you install a suspension lift kit you will see a lot of advantages – the least of which is the rugged good looks you will be adding to your ride. 

Whether you are simply just looking to improve the quality of ride that your vehicle offers, or you are looking to be able to offroad a lot easier, there are countless benefits to getting a customized suspension lift kit installed on your vehicle. 

Improved steering: A suspension lift kit can actually improve how your ride handles by improving the geometry of your vehicle as well as multiple calibration options to customize your steering performance. 

Improved ground clearance: More ground clearance means you will be able to install much larger wheels, which in turn can help you get some improved performance out of your ride

An aggressive appearance: Suspension lift kits, larger wheels, and other such customizations can help give your vehicle a much more aggressive look. 

Body Lift Kits

These kits are a great way to allow your vehicle to be able to have larger wheel upgrades all while not having to completely modify your ride’s suspension system. The factory-trained technicians at Wheel Identity can help you install body lift kits or suspension kits, as well as help you decide which is best for your situation. If you want to get a lift kit installed today contact the experts at Wheel Identity!