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We are the best place to find suspension modifications and lift kit installation for Tampa. We can install lift kits when you need them to fit larger tires, increase your off-road performance or add new accessories. Our team stocks a series of top brands like Pro Comp, Fab-Tech, Rock Krawler, and more. We want to make sure that we can offer the finest lift kits for almost any type of vehicle and custom solutions to meet your needs.

Why Choose A Lift Kit?

You might consider customizing your vehicle by purchasing a body kit or lift kit. A lift kit installation is essential for anyone who is regularly off-roads. Call us today if you are just starting to explore lift kits and want to find out if they would work well for your vehicle.

We carry the following major brands of lift kits: Pro Comp-Skyjacker-Ready Lift-Fabtech-Daystar-Tuff Country-Smittybilt-And many more!

Our Suspension Lift Kits

A suspension lift kit will give your car a rugged appearance and many benefits. These are the top reasons to get a lift kit installation, regardless of whether you want to improve the ride quality or add other benefits to your car.

Performance can be improved by changing the steering geometry.‍ Combines items like your springs, coils, shocks, and more. The goal is to improve performance and ground clearance. Suspension kits are the perfect option for many off-road drivers that would like to improve ground clearance and access larger tires, improved performance capabilities, and a more aggressive appearance for their vehicle.

The After Effects

 A lift kit is a great option if your truck is jerking around too much or rocking out of control. Many people imagine cruising down the highway with problems with handling after installing a lift kit. The lift kit will not affect the way you drive your truck. Our professionals can install a lift kit to improve the handling and ride of your truck so it is comfortable for you!

Body Lift Kits

You can get the look and feel of a lifted car or upgrade to bigger tires without having to modify the suspension. There are many body lift options that we can offer to make your vehicle look better. A body lift kit installation is ideal for aesthetic reasons and increases space for transmission parts, engines, and aftermarket accessories.

Our factory-trained technicians are available to install your lift kit in Tampa or the surrounding areas. We will help you choose the right lift kit that meets your requirements, and does not affect the safety or handling of your vehicle.

Let us bring your vision of a lifted truck to life, Contact us today to get your quote on Lift Kits today! 

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