Cars are obviously meant to drive straight down the road, this is optimal for a number of reasons that really shouldn’t have to be mentioned but we’ll do it anyway for the sake of science: driving safe is optimal for speed, traffic, and most importantly safety of pedestrians and vehicle operators! When your car was manufactured, the wheels were positioned into perfect alignment for this in the factory. As with anything, this tends to break down over time, causing your wheels to go out of alignment and cause a variety of annoying problems. Getting a wheel alignment should be routine practice for a caring and knowledgeable car owner, especially the nicer your car and wheels become; keeping your wheels aligned is great for their health and adds longevity to your expensive investment.

A good vehicle owner tends to “align” this maintenance with other car maintenance activities, such as getting an oil change or changing your fluids. Some oil change places will even offer to give you an alignment on spot as well, although, you’ll usually want to trust a dealer or experienced shop such as us to handle this project regularly if you own a nicer vehicle; oil change shops try to be a jack of all trades master of none operations and this hurts their experience with alignments, they could easily mess up or damage your precious wheels in the process.

If you are not one your game when it comes to maintenance, no worries! There are a couple of easy-to-spot signs that point out when your vehicle could benefit from coming in for an alignment. Highlighted below are a couple of the most prominent issues that signify that it could be time for a wheel alignment!

Shaking Wheel

When your wheels are out of alignment, your steering wheel can start jarring and vibrating to compensate for the issue. If your front tires are the culprit, you will notice the upper half of the wheel display this problem. Vice versa, if the back wheels are to blame, the lower half of the wheel will display the symptoms instead. This problem can become extremely annoying to drive with over time, and it also becomes worse as speed increases. Once you start driving above 60 miles per hour it becomes difficult and dangerous to drive. This is an extremely obvious problem and warrants a quick trip to Wheel Identity.

Vehicle Drift and Pulling

Try driving down a level, straight road with misaligned wheels some time, you’ll notice that you may either pull to the left or right while your wheel is apparently straight. This is a tell tale sign of your wheels being out of alignment; the off balance wheels are not aligned to drive straight so obviously they aren’t going to! This can be even more dangerous than wheel shaking, if you are driving in on a small road with tight lanes and you get a particularly nasty pull it can put you straight into opposing traffic! Save yourself needless repairs and bruises to your bank account with regular maintenance!

Wheel Identity strives to be the premier wheel and tire experts in the Tampa Bay area! From custom wheels and rims to professional maintenance, our shop has the most combined auto experience in the area. Your vehicle is your child, a prized precious possession; do not settle for lazy repair work. Contact us today!