“Where can I get a reliable brake change near me?” This seems to be a common question in this day in age with so many unreliable and short-term fixes for brakes by lazy mechanics. At Wheel Identity, we pride ourselves in delivering the best for you, whether it is rims, tires, or fixing your brakes, we are here to help you. Read on to see what services we offer to get that, “brake change near me”.

Brake Repair should be left to professionals at Wheel Identity. The computerized brake systems of today require special tools and equipment to properly do the job, remember this when asking yourself, “Where should I get a brake change near me?”

We will inspect your vehicle’s entire brake system when you bring it in for brake service. Everything can be tested, from the antilock system to the hydraulic brake components. Do not take any chances with your safety. A brake job is something that you do not want to delay.

Although brakes are not pretty or fun, they are essential to be safe. Wheel Identity can repair brakes on any car, disc, or drum. We have Brake Pads that are available to meet the specifications of every car manufacturer.

Are brakes squealing, pulling?

Your car’s brake system is the most important component. Safety is your top priority, so make sure you pay attention to the brake system. Are your brakes noisy? Are you grinding? Pulling? 

No matter what type of brake problem you have:

  • Pulsating brakes
  • Squeaky brakes
  • Grinder brakes
  • Breathing brakes
  • Brakes grabbing
  • Brakes pulling

Book a brake inspection appointment if you have any of these symptoms or it is time for scheduled maintenance. No matter if your car has drum brakes or disk brakes, our ASE-certified technicians can repair or replace your brake pads and adjust your brakes to ensure that they are ready for every trip.

Brake Repair Approved By The Factory

All types of brake repairs are possible by our technicians, including those that have been approved by the manufacturer.

  • Replace brake linings and brake pads
  • Resurface the brake rotor
  • Resurface brake drums
  • Replace or repair brake master cylinder
  • Brake boosters can be repaired or replaced
  • Brake lines should be replaced
  • Check and top off brake fluid

Brake Fluid Flush

Everybody wants a car that drives smoothly, is reliable, comfortable, and runs well. But we take our car’s stopping power for granted. Your vehicle’s brakes work just as hard or harder than any other component. How many times have your brakes saved you from an accident? They are your car’s unsung hero. Brake fluid is essential when getting that “brake change near me”.

This fluid can be changed to reduce the risk of brake failure, and also save you money on replacement parts. It is impossible to stop brake fluids from absorbing moisture from the air. The internal components of the brake system are subject to rust and corrosion from the water absorbed. The fluid can boil, compress and cause unsafe braking conditions if it is too concentrated. We recommend changing the fluid once every 30,000 miles. When you are ready to get that brake change, give us a call, and let’s get one scheduled today! No need to ride around dangerously with unsafe brakes!


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