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Wheels for your car are a lot like fresh shoes that perfectly complete your outfit; you aren’t going to settle for a subpar set of wheels that don’t match whatsoever. That’s where we offer our expertise, Wheel Identity has years of experience in handling custom rim and wheel needs and excels in exceeding every client’s expectations, everytime! We not only offer the best-customized wheels and rims for your car at wholesale prices, we also offer professional rim repair to get you back on the streets. We offer the entire package, from wheel sale to professional installation to future potential repairs, Wheel Identity prides itself on its ability to provide the entire custom wheel package. If you are looking for a professional wheel specialist in Tampa, you’ve come to the right place! Wheel Identity is the premier wheel and tire shop in Tampa Bay!

Why Choose Custom Wheels?

For new vehicle enthusiasts, getting customized wheels could be seen as an unnecessary, and costly addition to your ride, why not just go with the factory set that came with the purchase? However, once they ride on a car customized with a quality set of rims, they’ll see the light! Custom wheels are perfectly tailored to your exact vehicle, obviously, no two makes are the same, so why would they take the same set of rims? Taking initiative and setting your ride up with the perfect wheel for its size and specifications is a worthwhile endeavor, a better quality wheel impacts your car in a number of ways. The foremost benefit is immediately noticeable, your car will handle much better. A rim that fits your vehicle better will allow your car to access better traction, gripping the road much better.

Types of Wheels

You have a few choices when it comes to picking the type of custom wheel you want for your car. The two main materials used to produce wheels are steel and aluminum alloy. Wheels made using steel as the material have the benefit of being more economical, it costs much less to source the steel than it does to combine and source the alloy. Steel rims still offer great performance, so a good pair of steel rims are steal when you consider the price and results. Aluminum alloy wheels on average are going to be higher quality than their steel counterparts, the alloy is a high-quality material that provides a durable and high-performance product. They cost a bit more than their steel counterparts, but the efficiency and durability is more than worth it.
Wheel Identity offers the best custom wheel, tire, lift kit, and suspension services in the Tampa Bay area. We are a renowned wheel specialist in Tampa and we love to prove it! We look forward to your business, contact us today with any questions you need answered!

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