What’s The Difference Between a Lift Kit And a Leveling Kit?This is a common question that we get as experts is the difference between aftermarket lift kits and leveling kits. From their namesake, you would expect that both kits would perform similar functions. This setup and the factors involved in each kit for your vehicle are slightly different. In this article, we are going to explain the main differences between a lift kit and a leveling kitand the benefits that each could offer to your vehicle.


Leveling Kits

There are various sizes to leveling kits and It can often throw many new customers off who are interested in simply lifting up their vehicle or adding extra space between the suspension on their truck. A lift kit is often designed to lift the full vehicle and produce an added clearance between the tires and the vehicle body. Leveling kits are designed to level out the front and back of the vehicle by raising up the front of the truck with a slight angle. To make matters even more confusing there are also companies that have come out with hybrid systems that combine a leveling kit and lift kit to make sure that the front of the vehicle can be leveled up before the lift takes place.


Rake Explained

It’s commonly understood that many trucks sit lower in the front because of the size of the engine and because there is little to no weight in the bed of the truck. There is more weight upfront in a truck but they often sit a bit lower due to the Rake. The rake is a setup from the factory that allows the truck to sit level with the loaded bed. This assumes that when the bed is carrying weight it’s going to be properly balanced with the front of the truck or the engine. Installing a leveling kit can counteract this rake setup that the factory has designed so that the truck can sit evenly and perform regularly even when it is not loaded down.


Lift Kits

Lift kits will affect the rear and the front of the vehicle and are often purchased in measurements that showcase the amount of lift they can provide. This means that if you’re purchasing a six-inch lift kit you’re going to receive 6 inches of lift at the front and rear of the vehicle. Lift kits use a series of spacers called strut spacers that lift up the vehicle body from the shocks. The struts in your shocks are essentially replaced to maximize the performance and to increase the clearance.

A six-inch lift kit typically comes with 4-inch block spacers at the rear and then 6 inches to accommodate the added lift that is required at the front of a vehicle. Some lift kits are also designed for larger trucks such as three-quarter-ton trucks. These give customers the option to run a larger 5-inch block spacer to maintain some of the rakes and maintain performance even when the truck is fully loaded.


Do Lift Kits Automatically Level a Truck?

It is possible that a lift kit will level out your truck, but this often means getting a bit strategic with the lift kits that you are purchasing. If there is a significant rake on your truck you might want to consider a 1-inch block spacer at the rear and a larger 3 inches kit towards the front. This can achieve the leveling and lift that you would want out of your lift kit.

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