When it comes down to the sheer number of lift kits that are available online it’s very important that you are choosing a product that will suit the needs of your truck for offroad capabilities as well as maintaining a good ride over time. When seeking out a quality lift kit, most people look towards a four-inch lift kit because this is widely considered one of the tallest if you don’t want to make massive adjustments to your vehicle handling. Here are some of the best 4 inch lift kits that are available for trucks.

BDS Suspension Kits

These kits have been popular on make and model GMC and Chevy vehicles from the year 2014 up to 2018.  There are several 4-inch lift kits that are also designed for newer or older vehicles as well. This type of suspension lift kit is designed for 1500 range trucks and it includes heavy knuckles and strut replacements as well as dropped brackets and drop cross members. You can get a variety of improvements that include three-piece skid plates to protect your front and rear truck underbody when off routing as well as the chance to upgrade the shock it to a set of Fox racing shocks for the utmost in performance.

The 4-inch coil-over kit is also available on a limited number of platforms in the 4.5-inch coil-over kit from BDS also serves very well. With most types of these coil-over systems, the focus is going to be on the production of the coil-overs themselves. The 4-inch system involves a series of partnerships from companies like Fox racing and there is a set of pre-tuned coil springs as well as an external reservoir that can improve the oil capacity inside the shocks.

Rough Country

Rough country suspension systems tend to beat the competition for off-road vehicles and this is a system that is extremely strong for a number of track platforms because of the suspension that is offered onboard. When you’re interested in looking at a new truck, and you would like to add a suspension system to a truck to add in quality items for strong offroad tasks, the lift can give you access to the strut spacers,  knuckles dropped cross members, and front differential and drop brackets that are required to adjust your suspension as a standard. The entire system is also priced at a fairly standard level and this means that you could get a 4-inch lift kit for around $1000.


A fabtech kit is also extremely powerful and these are said to be the third most popular type of suspension brand for many truck owners.  This type of lift kit offers excellent value for money and it’s comparable to many of the top lift kits that are available on the market today.  Even though the kit is labeled as a budget or starter kit, it is still a relatively good value at its $700 price. The kit includes a series of strut spacers, extended range ball joints, upper control arms, rear block spacers, and more.

Even though Fab Tech has labeled this as a budgetary item, it offers fantastic value for money and plenty of upgradability through a manufacturer that’s been in business over many years.

If you would like to learn more about the top 4-inch lift kits on the market or you’re interested in updating your lift kits is something larger like a four-inch kit, any of these options would serve as an excellent choice for your needs in fabrication and improvements.

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