When a vehicle has a chance to sit in one place for a long period of time this can often lead to a vehicle’s tires beginning to experience ongoing wear and tear. Even though it can be tempting to leave your vehicle sitting so that you can save on gas, your vehicle’s tires will play a big role in how your vehicle can perform on the roads. If your car continues to remain unused for an extended period of time, the components will require ongoing maintenance, and your tires may need to be adjusted to ensure that they have the correct tire pressure, balance and tread depth.  Leaving a car unused for a long period of time can often lead to problems with your braking, handling,  your battery, and more.

Tires are prone to deterioration and they can also lose air pressure and develop flat spots.  When you start to drive on a tire that’s been sitting, it can leave you with the chance that your vehicles handling could be compromised and that you will experience extra vibration, bumps, and more throughout the vehicle.

Here are some of the most common effects when your tires have a chance to sit in one place for an extended period of time:

 Extra Tire Deterioration

You will always need to replace your tires at some point but your tires can rapidly deteriorate when your vehicle sits in the same place over an extended period. Your wheels are responsible for carrying the full weight of your vehicle and when your vehicle has the chance to sit in one stationary position, your tires can grow flat and deflated as well as experience rot and warping. The inflation and inspection of your tires can help but it’s usually best to get your car out and give it a run regularly to avoid tire deterioration.


Your tires can develop bubbles which may not always be a visible factor on your vehicle. A tire bubble builds where the rubber has worn extremely thin and driving on a tire that has a bubble can be extremely dangerous. There’s a possibility that a tire bubble could blow out the entire tire for you. Damage can result in tire bubbles being completely irreversible and the structural integrity of your tire may continue to be compromised after the bubble forms.

Flat Spots

One of the most common factors that happen with vehicles that sit is flat spots along the tires.  When your car is left in the same spot over an extended period of time, your vehicle can have areas of the tire that become rigid.  You continue to write on this disturbance and after just a few miles of driving, you can notice that your car develops vibrations, it can be difficult to steer and you may experience vibrations in the steering wheel. Flat spots in your tire can be potentially dangerous especially if you set out without inspecting your tire first.

If you have a vehicle that’s been sitting for too long or you find that you regularly let your vehicle sit too long, it’s very important for you to consider avoiding potential tire deterioration by regularly having your tires replaced and inspected. If you start to notice issues with your tire it’s important to contact your mechanic as soon as possible to diagnose and repair the issue.

If you think it is time you replace tires that have been sitting over time, contact us today and we can make recommendations on the best type of tires to suit your needs.