What 4x4 Wheels Are Good For Ford Trucks?Are you interested in going off-road using your Ford truck?  It is likely that you’re going to need access to the best of 4 x 4 wheels to make your experience easier.  The F1 50 is one of the best off-road trucks in the entire world and when it’s equipped with 4 x 4 wheels it can become an offroad monster of epic proportions. If you are seeking the best 4×4 wheels for your ford truck, here are some of the best wheel manufacturers on the market today:

The Gear Off-Road

The gear off-road is a 4 x 4 wheel that is designed and built from Design Infini. The manufacturer is distinctly in tune with the 4×4 world and able to generate excellence with the engineering that they have there. They have been operating for the last 25 years and in that time they have completely changed the face of off-road.  The manufacturing of the branding on this wheel makes it amongst some of the best in the industry. The company uses rapid prototyping and 3d printing to introduce new philosophies and to make sure that there can be faster advancements than ever before.

Slayer Chrome

4×4 wheels are not often built using a chrome configuration. Slayer is one of the very first to produce a chrome off-road style wheel and the 752 C slayer is an off-road wheel that needs to be seen to be believed. Complete with aggressive negative offsets and a series of bold patterns that suit 20 to 22-inch wheels, the wheel is built primarily from a strong and lightweight aluminum alloy. These are highly durable and excellent for the best in ford trim patterns as well as performance.

Black 4×4 Gear Off-Road Wrath Wheels

Gear Off-Road produces strong wheels that can help you get on the trails. Gear Offroad can give you access to wheels in 20, 22, or 24 as required. The Wrath wheel is a serious item for 4×4 and you can choose from a wide range of negative and positive offsets. The styling in the truck is street-ready and pavement ready and the rim and spoke patterns look like a luxury touch even though they are built for offroad. The rivets on board and the spoke and rim pattern are perfect for sand and mud and they work in conjunction with trim and bumper styles for the ideal sand coverage during off-roading.

4×4 Black Hawk

The Black Hawk style wheels are intricate with a glossy black design as well as milled steel. The inner and outer spoke design has negative offsets and bolt patterns that can be a great option with trucks that are older. It comes in as low as 17 inches and moves up to 22 inches. The design is the perfect way to update your older F150 or to improve a newer truck. With the designs available from this company you can have greater versatility as well as style with your wheels.

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