WHAT 4×4 WHEELS ARE GOOD FOR FORD TRUCKS?So, you have gotten yourself a brand new Ford truck, and you think you are ready to take the that bad boy out off-roading? Not so fast! Just because you have the right vehicle for the job does not mean you are instantly ready to hit the road. Before you fully embrace the off-roading adventure lifestyle, you will want to make sure your Ford truck is equipped with the right 4×4 wheels for the job at hand.

When starting off with a Ford truck, you are starting off your adventure on the right foot, as there are a lot of sources that consider the Ford F-150 to be the best class of trucks for off-roading. So, all you need to worry about is properly equipping your ride with the wheels that will help you take your off-roading to the next level. Here is a closer look at what you will want to equip your Ford with.

Top Off-Roading Brands

For anyone in the 4×4 world, the name Design Infini will ring a bell. With their cutting-edge designs and technology, their wheels, such as the Gear Off-Road 4×4 wheels, are some of the best for your Ford.

For those of you who may have not heard of Design Infini before, they are the engineering minds behind some of the best wheels on the market for 4x4ing such as Gear Alloy, Worx, and Drop star just to name a few. These wheels when paired with a Ford truck are the perfect tag team for conquering any off-road or outdoor adventure you could possibly think of. But, not only will the right 4×4 wheels get you the extra lift and stability needed to make off-roading easy, they will add a beautiful look to your ride, as well.

Look Good As You Play In The Mud

When the average person thinks of off-roading in a Ford, there is a good chance that they do not even truly picture the wheels on the ride, or if they do, they certainly do not picture beautiful chrome wheels. I guess that just goes to show how little the average Joe knows about off-roading!

With wheel options such as the 752C Slayer from Gear Off-Road, your Ford can look fantastic as it slashes through a river, whips across the mud, or conquers a rock bed triumphantly all while flashing some gorgeous chrome wheels.

Built with some serious negative offsets and available in many different patterns ranging from 20” to 22”, these wheels are the perfect fit for turning your Ford F-150 into a true off-roading legend.

These off-roading wheels have subtle, but bold spoke patterns that will give your truck some personality, but they are also die-cast in one piece using a strong aluminum alloy, which means they are lightweight but able to handle anything you or mother nature can throw at them.

A Classic Look

If chrome sounds just a little too flashy for you, no worries. You can also go with the pure classic look of black on black. Perfect for Ford’s from 20” to 24”, the Gear Off-Road Wrath series come with positive or negative offsets, depending on your lift level, and have a few different stylish options that will have you standing out from the crowd off-roading or on the pavement.

Turning Your Ford Into An Off-Roading Beast

With the Black Hawk wheels, your Ford will roam wherever it sees fit with grace, poise, and ease. These wheels are something of a horse of a different breed when it comes to off-roading wheels with their bold and eye-catching outer spoke design. These highly versatile wheels come in 17” to 22”, which means you don’t even need to have a crazy lift on your Ford F-150 in order to enjoy some extra off-roading. They even come with bolt patterns that will make them perfect for some older model Fords, too. If you are looking to outfit your ford truck with some great 4×4 wheels then contact us today!