TOP 5 WHEELS FOR A SILVERADOYou are in love with your Chevrolet Silverado, but you want to make it even better … but how do you begin? One of the best places to start your Silverado customization is – naturally – from the ground up. Starting with your Silverado’s wheels is one of the best places to start when you begin the customization journey. Whether you are looking for a simple, clean, elegant look or something to steal the show, this list will have something for everyone. Here are five of the best wheels for your Silverado customization project:

Anthem Off-Road Intimidator

As a company and a brand, Anthem is a wheel company that is truly built for the outdoorsman among us. With close ties to their midwestern, small-town  American roots and their widespread support for the troops, Anthem offers some beautiful, classic off-road wheel designs that are perfect for tackling the outdoors in your truck or SUV. The Intimidator has a multi-spoke design and a full-cap center. It is also a one-piece alloy wheel. Coming in black milled and a satin black finish, these wheels will look great as you push them to their limit.


Birthed out of small-town Wisconsin, Arkon’s off-road Roosevelt was birthed from a dearth of quality off-road cast wheel options in the lifted truck market. At the time of their creation, the only off-road wheels available on the market were forged and very high up on the price scale. With their Roosevelt wheels, Arkon has aimed to fill the void with a luxury cast directional wheel that looks amazing and performs even better. With six spokes, an eye-catching design, the one-piece alloy wheel also has some exposed lug nuts and comes in chrome and milled black finishes.

Motiv Off-Road Magnus 423B

While Motiv started off their business focused on the luxury brand side of things, they have since made the move to the off-roading side of things and are putting their expertise and design aptitude to great use. The off-road designs that Motiv has been coming out with are minimalist and clean, but so rugged they can handle anything you throw their way. The Off-Road Magnus, specifically, is a wonderful option for your Silverado because of its 8-spoke mesh design and exposed lug nuts. This wheel has the perfect combination of character, strength and weight to dominate any off-road conditions you wish to race around in. These wheels come in a black finish that stands out from the competition.


TIS – Twenty Inches Strong – is best known as a luxury aftermarket wheel maker. As such, their wheels tend to cater to the luxury side of things with each wheel being crafted from metal alloys in order to make them lightweight and durable. These wheels allow your Silverado to give a tough, strong performance while looking like a refined piece of fine art. The perfect marriage of craft and function.

Ballistic Off-Road Rage

The Ballistic Off-Road Rage is known for its rugged good looks and its ability to hold up under the most challenging terrains and environments you can drive on. These wheels have grown hugely popular in the custom wheel community thanks to their beautiful marriage of function and aesthetics. They come in black, matte black powder, and black-red, but no matter the color you outfit your Silverado with, you will stand out from the crowd. These are some of the best wheels you can outfit your Silverado with in order to look stunning, while also having the power and performance that you crave from a vehicle tearing it up on an off-road trail.

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