Tires and Rims Tampa

Tires and Rims Tampa

Every serious vehicle owner knows that the perfect set of tires and rims is the finishing touch of their vehicle, this combo makes or breaks the looks and performance of your ride! Yet, so many people are content with just using factory wheels and tires on their vehicles. So many times the factory preset is just a blanket solution applied to a mass amount of the vehicle designer’s cars, this is where customized wheels and tires have come in to fill the gap and provide exact, perfect matches for many cars! Wheel Identity is the place to be if you are looking for tires and rims in Tampa, with thousands of custom, unique selections to choose from, you are guaranteed to find the perfect match for your vehicle here! Wheel Identity sources only the highest performance and best quality brand products for our installations, we would never use a shoddy product when doing work on your vehicle! We are a one stop shop for tires and rims, from purchase to installation to potential future repairs, Wheel Identity offers services up and down the custom tire and rim chain! With so many auto-shops to choose from in Tampa, don’t waste your time with fruitless searches, head straight to Tampa Bay’s premier tire and rim shop, Wheel Identity! 

What Custom Rims Offer

You are a novice vehicle enthusiast and you just got behind the wheel of your first nice car, whether it be a luxury coupe or beastly truck. Yet you refuse to get custom tires and rims, you’re car is already nice enough as is! That is, until you see someone with the same car on the highway decked out in the perfect set of rims and tires. That’s the day that vehicle owner’s learn the necessity of customizing their tire and rim setup, it just offers too much! From performance to looks, investing a bit into your wheels pays out big dividends in the end. Let’s start with performance: a car outfitted with the perfect set of tires and rims is going to be going a lot faster than its factory default competitor. The perfect set of tires and rims allows your car to grip the road much better, adding to its speed efficiency. On top of this, you’ll also have much better control over the handling of your vehicle as well! There’s a reason why most race cars have specialized wheels, the same concept can be applied to your car as well! On the other hand, custom wheels offer a much more aesthetically pleasing appearance as well. As we mentioned before, factory default wheels are usually a blanket solution applied to many models of cars, but outfitting your car with the perfect fitting pair of wheels you’ll have it looking a lot cleaner as well! If you are looking for tires and rims in Tampa, there’s only one name you should even consider: Wheel Identity! Wheel Identity has decades of experience in handling custom wheel installations and repairs in the Tampa Bay area, contact us today with any questions regarding your future set of custom rims!

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