Before we know it, it will be time to rule the outdoors in your offroad vehicle again. But, before you can dominate the trails and everything mother nature has to throw your way, you will need to make sure you have the best possible wheels on your rig. That means now is the best time to get to know the TIS offroad wheels.

One of the very first things that should be standing out when it comes to TIS offroad wheels is the fact that these wheels are literally bred from a lineage of jets. These one-piece wheels are crafted using aircraft-grade aluminum, which means you can rest assured they can handle whatever you plan on throwing at them. These wheels made of aluminum alloy are much lighter and durable than their steel-crafted counterparts. While lighter and durable sounds like salesfloor jargon, these are actually incredibly valuable and important assets for your wheels to have if you are going to really take advantage of the trails, beaches, and any other off-road adventure you can think of.

While TIS offroad wheels are great for performance not only on the trails but pavement as well, this is not the only benefit they offer: These wheels look great even caked in mud.


Digging Deeper Into The TIS Legacy

When you look at the TIS 544 wheel, the first thing you are likely to be struck by is the absolute aggressive and deep concave profile of the wheel. Some might even call the concavity of the profile extreme. But, what exactly does this mean?

While concave wheels are a pretty new design concept (it has only been about 10 years since they were introduced), the TIS 544s take this design style to the absolute limit. The spokes and the barrel of these wheels work together to create an optical illusion that makes the angles look even more concave than they actually are, which just adds to the visual impact of any off-road vehicle, whether you are splashing through the mud on trails or burning pavement on your way to the beach.

If a matte black finish is not your cup of tea, there is nothing to worry about as TIS wheels offer a lot of finish options for every appetite. Whether it is the black finish, mirrored chrome, or machined accents, there is a style to make your wheels stand out. When it comes to the fitments, the TIS 544s are available between 20” and 26” moving up in 2” increments, with widths running from 9” to 14”.


Off-Roading On Chrome

If you love the way chrome looks on your off-road truck, but are not so in love with the amount of upkeep chrome wheels can require, TIS offroad wheels have you covered with the TIS 544 Chrome Convex. Making use of some truly cutting-edge technology, these TIS offroad wheels are PVD plated in order to deliver a wheel with all of the beauty and benefits of a chrome wheel without any of the hassle and upkeep that they can come with. This means you can go full-tilt without having to worry about all of the wheel upkeep you will have to get into when you pull into your garage at the end of an adventure.


Spoke Configurations 

Your typical off-roading Jeep will traverse dunes and creeks with 5 spokes. It looks cool, but it is everywhere you look. TIS wheels offer up a lot more creative and beautiful options for you so that you can make sure you not only perform your best but look your best while you do it. Contact us today to get set up with your very own TIS wheels today!