If you are going to regularly be off-roading in your vehicle it’s extremely important that you have the right type of tire and suspension set up. Here is an Off-Road tire buying guide with some of the best ways that you can outfit your vehicle with quality tires that will suit a variety of off-road experiences:

All-Terrain Tires

This is one of the least aggressive types of offroad tires. It is designed for a mild offroading experience including for comfortable transitions to the road as well. This is the type of tire that has a slightly more aggressive tread pattern than your average sport tire and it can be fairly quiet for use on the road. If you are the type of person that likes to drive on the highway to get to an offroading destination and you don’t want to change out tires, this could be an excellent choice for decent support for both regular driving and offroading.


Hybrid tires are a cross between mud-terrain tires and an all-terrain tire. They are comfortable for use on the pavement but they can also give some added offroad performance. The Hybrid tire has elements of a mud tire and they are some of the most popular in the off-road community because they have the comfort to travel on the road for short trips while also offering great performance as you are in mud and wet conditions. The Hybrid style tire is another excellent choice if you find that you are going to need your vehicle for some regular driving as well as off-road fun.

Mud Terrain

Mud Terrain tires are designed for much harsher terrain. They come with deep treads and they are designed to be used primarily with off-road and mud conditions. These tires have larger water evacuation channels which will make sure you can drive through extremely wet conditions. They also have the extra performance to make sure your tires have a strong level of tread as you are going through very tough terrain. This is a true off-road performance tire but as a result of the deeper depressions in the tire wall, there is a heavier noise that can occur as the tire is traveling on hard surfaces. You may find that your fuel economy will suffer in road driving and these can drastically change your ride quality as you are on harder and dry surfaces. Many owners that are going to fix mud tires choose to add them on before they go out for offroading or they keep a dedicated vehicle for off-roading that has mud tires. These tires can be fine for short trips but if you plan on doing a fair amount of highway driving or driving on regular roads, your fuel economy can suffer, they can wear down more quickly and your ride quality will not be ideal. Choosing to use these for shorter trips is often the best course of action.

Consider the difference between each of these tire types as you are making your decision on the type of performance you may want. By making a decision on the ideal type of tire for your vehicle, you can balance performance and convenience and get a tire that suits your lifestyle as well as what you are looking for in performance from your offroad vehicle. Keep in mind this Off-Road tire buying guide with some of the best ways that you can outfit your vehicle with quality tires that will suit a variety of off-road experiences. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about the best type of offroad tires to suit your needs.