The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide to Suspension Systems – 2021If one of your goals for 2021 is to improve your performance and improve the stability and capability of your truck during off-road adventures, then one of your top priorities needs to be your ride’s suspension system. The technology is always advancing and evolving when it comes to off-road suspension systems, so a lot of professionals and high-end enthusiasts tend to go for after-market manufacturers to get suspension systems. However, there are so many suspension system options out there, that it may be difficult to come to the conclusion about which system is best for you and your ride. That is why we have put together this little buyer’s guide in order to help you navigate your way through the world of suspension systems and find which will give you the best performance for the best price.

Do You Need an Aftermarket Suspension System?

Before diving into the various options out there, you may be asking yourself “do I really need an aftermarket system?” The answer is a simple, yes. If you want your ride quality to be dramatically improved (handling, performance, etc.) then an aftermarket suspension system is truly your best option. Factory suspension systems are notorious for failing at delivering a total package when it comes to performance, so you are left having to do a little work on your own in order to improve and maximize your truck or SUV’s potential.

The Best Suspension Kits Out There

When it comes to suspension lift kits, they are designed to do exactly what the name suggests: Lift your truck’s body and suspension system up by a few inches. With aftermarket suspension systems you will be able to lift your truck, SUV, Jeep, and even your car in order to accommodate larger tires that will help you conquer even the roughest off-road trails and terrain.

When it comes to which suspension system is right for your ride, you will have to take a few factors into consideration. Some of these factors include Your daily drive, where you are driving (off-roading?), do you need towing or hauling power, street performance, as well as any other custom adjustability you may need/want.

While there are thousands of quality aftermarket suspension systems out there, the industry has a few high-end lift kits that are renowned for their quality. Some of the best lift kits based on their performance, durability, and customer reviews are:


  • Bilstein Lift Kits
  • Bilstein lift kits
  • Eibach lift kits
  • Fabtech lift kits
  • Pro Comp lift kits
  • Rancho lift kits
  • ReadyLift lift kits
  • Skyjacker lift kits
  • Tuff Country lift kits

What Is In a Kit?

When you get a suspension lift kit you will be able to raise your ride to a specific level. The kit comes with everything you will need to get the job done and optimize your vehicle’s suspension performance. In order to make the best choice for your suspension kit, you will want to make sure you are getting a kit that comes with high-quality components. Some of the components included in a suspension kit include shocks, struts, coil-overs, sway bars, just to name a few. Some of the aftermarket suspension kits that come with the best quality components include:


  • Body lift kits
  • Coil spacer kits
  • Torsion bar kits
  • Lifting coil spring kits
  • Lifting leaf spring kits
  • Rear block kits


A lot of the most popular suspension kits, as you can see, our body lift kits. These body kits are usually on the lower end of the price scale and are meant to give you a lot of space for larger tires on your Jeep or truck. If you are interested in adding any of these kits to your car or truck then contact us today!