THE TOUGHEST TRUCK WHEELSWhen it comes to off-roading, one of the most important things you can do is make sure that you have the best possible wheel for the job. When it comes to getting the best wheel, one of the best places to look for aftermarket off-roading wheels is Anthem. For all things outdoors, Anthem builds extremely tough, rugged, and durable wheels. So, here is an overview of some of the toughest truck wheels for a wonderful adventure in the great outdoors. 


This is a one-piece alloy wheel built with 9 spokes. A very incredibly tough wheel, this can withstand the punishment of anything that you throw at it. Coming in satin black, gloss black, and with milled spokes and finished edges, the Avenger is a sharp-looking wheel that is also as tough as it is beautiful. These wheels go from as low as $748 for the basic model versions.


Living up to its name, the Commander will allow your truck to command attention on and off the road as you drive by, or climb rocks. These off-road wheels are built to not only perform under extreme circumstances but also look great while doing so, too. These wheels are one-piece alloy with 8 spokes and come in matte and gloss black finishes. With many different bolt patterns available, the Commander comes in 18-20” diameters with 9” width and 0mm offset. The basic model of the Commander can go from $764. 


Whether it is on the blacktop or traversing through a creek or up some rocks, the Defender wheels will make sure your ride looks great no matter the terrain you are taking over. Coming in many different offsets ranging from more aggressive to tame, laidback styles, there is a Defender for everyone. Available in matte or gloss black finishes, the Defender is an 8-spoke wheel that comes in 18-20” diameter with a 9-12” width as well as offsets from -44mm to 18mm and a lot of different bolt patterns. The 20×12” -44mm, gloss black finish version is the best-selling model of Defender and it usually goes for $1,148. However, there are Defender models for as low as $700. 


One of the best-selling wheels, the Equalizer is popular for good reason. This wheel has an aggressive look that translates from the trail to the pavement equally as well. The Equalizer is a one-piece alloy model that has 7 spokes. The Equalizer comes in many different offsets which makes it perfect for many different-looking trucks. Coming in matte, milled, and gloss black, as well as black-gray finishes. The Equalizer comes in 18-20” diameters with 9-12” widths. Their offsets are available in -44 to 0mm, and a lot of different bolt patterns. One of the most common combinations of the Equalizer is the 20×12” with -44mm offset in black milled. This model goes for $1,148. However, there is a cheaper model available for $848. 


This is one of the brand’s best-selling truck wheels. The Instigator is one of the most unique-looking wheels the brand has. With so many wheels looking alike on the market today, the Instigator stands out from the crowd thanks to its one-piece alloy wheel design with 8-spokes and covered lugs. Each spoke also has a little window, which adds some beautiful detail. Coming in various bolt patterns and sizes, these are an affordable model of Anthem wheels, which also helps with them being one of the most popular sellers. If you are interested in getting the toughest truck wheels for your truck today then contact us!