The Best Wheels For Lowered TrucksIf you are making the choice to include a lifting or leveling kit on your truck it’s important also to consider the way that it’s going to affect the performance. If you’re going to be lowering your truck in any way or adjusting the suspension it’s likely that you’ll need a tire that has an extra level of clearance, visibility, and appealing appearance that’s going to suit the lowered look of your new build. If you’re trying to figure out the best type of tire that will suit your needs in a lowered build, we can help. Here are some of the top considerations that you should make when looking for the best wheels for lowered trucks.

Why do you want to lower your truck?

Lowering a truck can be an excellent way to achieve a certain aesthetic look. Lowered trucks are usually not designed for a work purpose but it often produces a look that is much more streamlined and sportier. Throughout the 1940s people started to lower trucks and other large vehicles and the trend has continued to catch on. Embracing the low rider car culture with this highly customized look is a great way to pay tribute to the design in the future. 

Lowering your truck might improve the handling slightly, improve aerodynamics and also maximize traction and gas mileage. Lowering your truck to an extreme degree could give you the option to add lift kits, airbags, and other fun options for aesthetics. 

If you do decide to lower your truck’s suspension there are some potential downsides including losing the ability to off-road with your truck, hearing noise while you’re on the road as well as less space between your tires and the body of the truck which can cause rubbing and the chance for some uneven tire wear. Depending on the setup that you choose, a lowered truck could put you at an increased risk for a flat tire or suspension issues with the wrong setup. 

What wheels are best for lowered truck?

If you’re looking for a street look for your vehicle you’re going to need to consider a more aggressive rim and wheel style. There’s been plenty of aftermarket wheels that you can consider for an off-road style and the majority of lowered trucks usually start as a performance or street upgrade first and foremost. Taking a look at some of your favorite wheels and choosing rims based on some of the looks that you have found can be a fantastic start in choosing a lowered truck option that’s going to suit your needs well. 

Should I choose a racing style wheel?

Racing style wheels like the Torq Thrust M from American racing offer an excellent chance for a five-spoke rim that is timeless and also very iconic of the hot rod scene. These are the types of rims that will invite your vehicle into the 21st-century and give you a build that looks timeless. Something done in chrome will be a little bit flashy but also it gives you the chance to create a clean and special look for your truck. 

The street look

If you want more of a street tuner look for your vehicle you should consider something like a Vision style rim. This ring design is great for achieving a street-style truck build. They have a five-spoke design that looks like wheels you would find on a classic car. They maintain a very clean and branded set up and they can cap off the look of a quality vehicle with ease. The finish options include gunmetal as well as a machined style black gloss with a machined lip. The options for these wheels include 19 to 38 mm to give you the ideal wheel size. 

Old School Look

The old-school look is alive and well and to match this look, you might want to consider the option of a dub baller model wheel. This style of the wheel has a 5 spoke design and a street truck that comes in a timeless format. This lowered option looks like a clean and new truck that upgrades the visual appearance and the negative offset options for your truck. 

Consider any of these wonderful options if you are interested in a perfect option for your low rider truck. Contact us today to find the best wheels for lowered trucks.