There is always a lot of debate in the world of cars, trucks, and SUVs about which wheel is the best off-roading wheel on the market. While this kind of conversation is had in almost every field, the debate can get a lot more intense when it comes to the realm of off-roading.

Within the world of off-roading, there is always a discussion of which piece of equipment is the best and there are a lot of voices in the ring. However, when it comes to the debate of which is the best off-roading wheel, there is often a lot of agreement.

The Newest Member of the Family

With a lot of agreement that Anthem makes some of the best off-roading wheels on the market, the newest member of the Anthem family gets a lot of praise for being one of the best off-road wheels out there. The Anthem Off-Road Viper is notable for its very sleek and aggressive design that just screams “bring on the roughest and toughest conditions you can dish out!”

The Viper is a full-faced style wheel that has a strong, bold look to it. As well, the Viper has the typical Anthem Off-Road center cap as well as the hidden lug nuts and the Anthem logo engraved right into the outside ring of the wheel.

Any Size You Need to Conquer The Off-Road World

The new Anthem Off-Road Viper can be purchased in 17-, 18- and 20-inch diameter wheels, as well as 8.5-, 9-, and 10-inch widths. The Viper can also be purchased with -18, -12 and 0 mm offsets depending on your specific vehicle needs and sport requirements. This wheel is available with a satin and gloss black finish. The wheel is a one-piece alloy wheel with a load rating of 2,500.

The Cost of Excellence

The new Anthem Off-Road Viper is one of the more affordable wheels on the market for your truck or off-roading ride coming in at about $748. With this price, the Viper is an off-road wheel that you will not want to miss out on.

An Inspiration for Greatness

Jon Chartier, the designer of the Anthem Off-Road Viper, has said that his design for the Viper was inspired by a multitude of things. One of the heaviest influences Chartier has noted was, oddly enough, the standard car wheel. Chartier says he liked the way the car wheels seemed to have small windows in them and he wanted to make a design that brought this element from the typical wheel to the world of the off-road wheel.

Chartier has said numerous times that when he designed the Anthem Off-Road Viper he was purposely trying to find a new and different design. While a lot of modern off-road wheel companies are going with the multi-spoke wheel look, and – as a designer – he wanted to take things in a totally different direction with his full-face design.

Once his design idea came to fruition, Chartier came to the conclusion that his wheel as designed would be far too heavy and he needed to remove some bits of it in order to make the design a lot more light.

When Chartier had his final off-road wheel design completed, he made the note that his final product had a similar look to an airplane’s turbine. Because of the similarity Charier found between his wheel and the turbine of the Viper Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft, he came up with the Viper name.

Best on the market

With a bold, beautiful design and epic performance ability, the Anthem Off-Road Viper is the perfect wheel to take your off-roading to the next level. Contact us today to get the best off-road Wheel for your truck today!