Rims Repair Tampa

Wheel Identity specializes in rim repair in Tampa. We can help with a wide range of repair issues such as assisting with your scratched, gouged, or bent alloy wheels. We offer a wide range of wheel repairs and can assess your wheel repair based on the condition, size, and style.

We are a fully equipped wheel repair facility where you can leave your car with us and we’ll handle the repair and installation. We offer assistance to private owners, dealers across Tampa, and more. 

The team at Wheel iD offers OEM wheel and tire sales as well as repairs. We have a worldwide network of manufacturers so we only have access to the best quality of wheels. We also ensure that you can get access to manufacturer-approved repairs and high-quality OEM wheels.

Whether you have noticed a problem with your vehicle after a seasonal wheel change or you need a quick repair solution after an accident, we can give you access to the savings that you need.


Whether you have experienced corrosion as a result of roadside chemicals, job site contaminants, or just longstanding wear, we can remove the signs of corrosion from your rims.

Curb damage

We can remove the signs of curb damage from road debris, curb rash, driving on flat tires, and more. We ensure that you can get back on the road without unsightly curb damage. We prime, paint, and clear coat rims to help remove these damages.


If you have noticed a gouge on your tire, we can use machining processes to provide repairs for your needs. If you have had direct contact with road debris or hazards, we can remove the gouges in your wheel.


A hard impact or road debris impact can sometimes cause a crack in your rim. A repair of this type may require CNC machining. Let our rim repair experts determine if you require OEM replacement or if your rim could be repaired accordingly. We will be able to find a solution that could be more budget-friendly for you.

As many rims are designed to run under ideal road conditions, we want to get your rims back in perfect shape. Accidents can happen and the roads can cause rims to fail quickly. Rims that are exposed to the cold, potholes, salt, brake dust, or harsh cleaning chemicals can quickly start to degrade. We offer services that can restore your wheels to their factory condition. Don’t delay and let your rims degrade further or risk more damage to your vehicle.

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