When it comes to off-roading, there are many vehicle owners that are simply interested in improving the clearance capacity of the vehicle and then the tire size. SUVs & jeeps are often seen as the top of the heap when it comes to off-roading. We have seen a series of large wheels over the years that have been bent or have been damaged as a result of off-road accidents. Properly outfitting your vehicle for a true off-roading experience means more than just trusting in a big tire. It requires some other performance enhancements as well. Here are some of the best upgrades that you can make alongside Off-Roading wheels to keep your vehicle traveling with ease over any terrain:

Changing Suspension

You will need large tires to do some offroading but your suspension can also make a huge difference as well. For solid off-roading and suspension, you may want to install a lift kit, upgrade your springs, and more. These types of improvements will make sure that you can handle the pressures that are being exerted on your vehicle as you offroad. Changing your suspension will also allow you to use larger wheels while maintaining clearance.

Upgrading Your Rims

A solid off-road experience also means upgrading your rims. Upgrading to alloy rims can be an excellent way that you can improve your off-road handling and grip as well as the durability of your wheels. Your tires are going to be under immense pressure as you have to climb over rocks and uneven terrain. Making sure that you have the best quality of durability with your rims is important. Alloy wheels provide extra strength and durability without adding extra weight. Other choices for wheels like steel could mean adjusting your performance so that you don’t lose power and fuel efficiency.


Road rims are mostly concerned with the diameter and the width of the wheel. Backspacing is important to consider in off-road because you may need to make these modifications for a lift kit. The lift kit will show you the maximum amount of backspace that’s available and with a greater amount of backspace, you can make sure the wheel moves further into the wheel well to improve your balance and performance when going over uneven terrain.


If you’re going to be making adjustments to the backspacing on your vehicle, you’ll also need to consider the offset on the vehicle as well. The offset is the measurement between the center of the wheel and the mounting surface. If you are going to be upsizing your rims and wheels, you will also want to decrease the offset between the tire and the suspension so that you can maximize the clearance on your wheels.

Engine Upgrades

Performance upgrades may be a massive requirement that you should consider for any type of off-road activity. Upgrading your engine power can give you more control as you are attempting to scale a hill or manage uneven terrain. Having the power that you need to get through difficult obstacles can be important. If you’re upgrading to heavier wheels, some engine upgrades will make sure that you don’t suffer performance problems with the extra forces that are needed to move those wheels at high speed.


Upgrading your brakes is also very important for offroading. A good set of breaks that can stop you before you reach an obstacle could save you from disaster. Upgrading your brakes will make sure that you can maintain the stopping power that you need on your vehicle even after upgrading to larger rims.

If you are interested in learning more about performance upgrades that you can make alongside Off-Roading wheels, contact us today.