Lowering Kits Tampa

What Are Lowering Kits?

Lowering kits are key elements of a suspension system. They are intended to maximize a vehicle’s efficiency by lowering a vehicle from its original height. Therefore your car lowers as you place them on your shocks. Here, it is important to note that lowering kits are often preferred by people who are looking for a smoother ride in their car. When lowering kits are used, the drive becomes automatically smooth, due to better wind drag. This is why some “sportier” cars tend to sit lower to the ground, in order to increase handling and traction. Looking for lowering kits in Tampa? Wheel Identity has you covered!
What Does a Lowering Kit Consist Of?

As we all know, a lowering kit has numerous benefits for the vehicle. You might be thinking that this kit would consist of a lot of elements, but that’s not the case! A suspension lowering kit has only a small number of elements.

Benefits of Using Lowering Kit for Your Vehicle

Decreased risk of rollovers. Improved tire grip and efficient vehicle handling Less wind because of improved aerodynamics Custom look and street appeal that distinguishes your vehicle from stock models

Which Lowering Kit to Choose?

It may seem like a tricky process to find out the right lowering kit for your vehicle. It is important to choose a kit with matching springs and shocks from the same manufacturer in order to obtain the best balance between handling and looks, with drops not reaching half an inch. This raises the spring rate with increased damping rates. The kit, which only includes lowering springs, is cheap but typically comes at spring rates similar to factory rates to be factory shock compatible. Lower suspensions perform well on smooth roads, while rougher roads and irregular surfaces require a close-stock ride to work properly.

Where To Buy?

Make your vehicle easily adjustable with our huge collection of lowering kits in Tampa. Visit tampatiredandwheels.com or contact us today so you can find the best one for you!

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