Is Rough Country Any Good?Before we jump into the question a lot of people are asking about Rough Country, we should start with the background of the brand that seems to be talked about all of the time. 

A Brief History of Rough Country

While it may be well-known that Rough Country started out as a shock manufacturer, not a lot of people realize that their history actually dates back as far as 1975. Born in the small town of Dyersburg, Tenn., home to only about 17,000 people, Rough Country has its roots firmly and deeply planted in American history. 

In 1986, Heckethorn Products (a metal designer and automotive parts builder) purchased the company. This change in the company saw RC swap from only making shocks to building and designing aftermarket lift kits to go along with their shocks. 

Since they made the transition towards aftermarket lifting kits, they have undertaken the goal of creating lifting kits that have a focus on the customer and their values and satisfaction. Because of this, they have developed a reputation for value-minded lift kits and as such, they have garnered some of the best customer satisfaction ratings with their policies and warranties from across the industry. Not bad for one of the founding companies from the off-roading industry. 

This brings us to today, where Rough Country is one of the fastest-growing manufacturers (as well as a distributor) of off-road-related accessories and suspension systems. Having grown from a shocks-only company 40 years ago, they are now a supplier of winches, lights, recovery gear, and nearly any other off-road accessory you could be looking for whether it is for your truck, jeep, car, or even an ATV. 

Is Rough Country Worth Spending Your Money On?

Now that we have taken a look at where they started off and where they are now, we can shift focus to their products and whether or not they should be a brand high up on your priority list.

The short answer when it comes to Rough Country is: Yes. Absolutely, yes. You would be in very good hands spending money on their products thanks to their affordable and cost-efficient prices. 

Rough Country does get a lot of flack from within the community because they have a lot of lower-priced products when compared to the competition. However, these complaints are not usually based on much factual evidence but preconceived notions. However, the truth of the matter is just because they have products that are cheaper than some of their competition, this does not mean that their products are not capable or reliable. 

Lift Your Rig Without Breaking The Bank

If you are looking to lift your truck without breaking the bank, Rough Country is one of the best options on the market. 

While there may be products of better quality out there, when you are looking at this price point, there really is not a better equivalent for improving the quality of your ride without damaging your wallet. At only about a third of the price of their competition, you are still getting tremendous quality out of the lift kits. 

Rough Country Suspension Options And More

Rough Country has been constantly innovating and updating their products so that they are able to offer their customers a plethora of options when it comes to improving their ride’s suspension system.

With a great price point and a long history of offering customers great quality products for a fair price point, Rough Country has built a reputation of strong performance and affordable pricing which make the perfect marriage for you, your wallet, and your truck. If you are interested in getting your truck lifted with Rough Country then contact us today!