If you live in an area where you may feel as though the roads are constantly in a state of disrepair, it doesn’t take long before the effects of potholes, bumps and other road hazards can start to weigh heavily on the health and ride quality of your vehicle. If you are interested in how to improve a vehicles ride quality and you would like to experience less of the bumps and problems you may feel on a daily basis, keep reading.

Smaller Wheel Size

When we consider wheel size, a larger wheelbase often leads to a much rougher ride.  Switching over to smaller wheels and a thicker tire will give you a smoother ride without having to make drastic changes to your vehicle. Dropping down to many sizes can change the ride of your vehicle. Dropping down 1 inch in size is an excellent way to improve the ride of your vehicle without having to make adjustments to your suspension, changing up items on your wheel wells, and more. The only small differences that you may notice is that there is a change in your vehicle handling by switching down to a smaller wheel.

Choosing The Ideal Tires

Not every tire is going to be created equal and choosing a performance style tire for a sport vehicle is going to increase traction but also reduces tire life and can ensure that you feel more of the bumps along the road. A touring style wheel is best suited to somebody that wants a daily quality of tire. These types of tires will last longer and increase the overall fuel economy for your vehicle.

Upgrading Suspensions

Changing elements of your suspension can be a much more complicated upgrade for your vehicle and it’s an excellent way that you can improve the ride quality for your vehicle for the future. Changing the shocks and struts and making sure that the suspension can absorb more of the bumps along the road to make your ride smoother is an excellent way to adjust performance on-the-fly.  Even though you might experience a slightly rough ride it’s important to take care of your car.

Adjusting Ride Height

Adjusting ride height might seem like a fairly odd way that you could improve the ride quality of your vehicle but this is often one of the best ways that you can change up the suspension and make sure that it’s not sagging, riding too low, or riding too high. If air springs inside your suspension happen to be leaky or the air pump is not functioning it’s possible that your vehicle could be riding at an uneven height. If you find that your vehicle is lower than usual when you get into it this is a sign that there is a problem with your suspension system. Be sure to speak to a professional mechanic to take a look at your suspension and to get an idea of what may be required to improve your suspension with some minimal adjustments.

The good news is that you can prepare your car for riding on rough roads and enjoying a better quality of handling for highway driving. If you want to improve a vehicles ride quality, contact us and we can come up with some solutions that will suit your vehicle.