If you already have a vehicle that has a lift kit or an improved clearance, you may be wondering more about how you could optimize the suspension or make adjustments that will improve your off-road handling or on highway handling. Raising a vehicle can change the way that it rides especially in different conditions. Luckily there are some adjustments and aftermarket parts that you can add into your suspension that will improve your braking, handling and stability after you’ve installed a lift kit. If you want to make sure that you can enjoy the best performance out of your off-road vehicle, here are some of the best ways to optimize a vehicle’s suspension.

Make Sure a Lift Kit Is Comprehensive

When you are installing a lift kit make sure that you are buying a comprehensive lift kit. These are kits that include more than just the spacers and blocks that are needed to help you lift the vehicle. Comprehensive lift kits include items like front and rear shocks which are stiffer, drop brackets, control arms and steering knuckles that can be adjusted to help you get the best ride possible at the new height for your vehicle. Making sure that you are buying this kit from reliable parts manufacturer and having it installed by a professional is often the best way to proceed so that you can make sure you are enjoying the best handling for your vehicle.

Comprehensive lift kits can cost a bit more than a standard lift kit but this is often well worth the added expense especially if you’re going to be regularly offloading and pushing your vehicle to the limit. Make sure that you are doing your research and if you happen to spot any problems with lift kits that people have installed on their own vehicles, you might want to steer clear of that brand.

Adding In Upgrades

If you have installed a lift kit and you’re still using your base shocks, it’s important that you are swapping those out for shocks that can provide you with more stability and handling. Performance-based shocks and steering stabilizers are some of the best ways that you can enjoy the ultimate in handling for off-road. Upgraded shocks from companies like King and Bilstein are extremely reliable and designed to help you hit the open trail or a dirt trail with greater smoothness.

Steering stabilizers are an excellent aftermarket part that can upgrade your steering so that you can reduce any type of steering lag or other performance issues that can occur when you install a lift kit.

Another performance factor that many people forget about after installing a lift kit is the brakes. Lifted vehicles usually include a larger tire because of the added clearance that you are receiving from the lift kit. If you’re still using standard brakes on a larger tire, this can make it difficult for your vehicle to have the same braking power. Adding larger rims means that you may also have a need to upgrade your brakes so that you can enjoy the right amount of braking power and performance improvements for the road as you are getting up to speed and stopping.

Contact Your mechanic If There’s An Emergency

If you’re having trouble with your lifted vehicle or it seems unsafe to drive, it’s wise for you to contact your mechanic for assistance. It’s likely that there is a solution in the form of an aftermarket part that could adjust your suspension and work to make your vehicle’s performance better. Visiting your local mechanic and asking for a suspension optimization is a great way to get started and to learn what you can do to improve your vehicle for greater off-road and highway performance.

If you need assistance with improving your vehicle’s suspension performance, contact us today to learn more.