Why Billet Wheels Are PreferredAftermarket billet wheels are one of the most popular custom truck wheel trends for this year. Both off-roaders and daily drivers are mounting them on their trucks like mad. If you don’t know why billet wheels are preferred, Wheel identity will get you up to speed.

A billet is a piece or piece of metal that will be used. A wheel is a piece of metal that you begin with and then work your way up. This is subtractive manufacturing at its best. Subtractive manufacturing begins with a base material, and then you remove what you don’t want to make the desired shape.

Formative manufacturing is another common method of making a wheel. This manufacturing process is used to cast aluminum or another alloy into a mold.

Billet wheels are made from one piece of steel and start as a simple wheel. They are perfect for trucks that travel off-road.

To cut the metal to the desired shape, wheel makers use advanced CNC mills and software. After turning the billet into a tool for making wheels, CNC fly cutters can polish the metal to give it a smooth, polished finish comparable to chrome. The fly-cut metal finish isn’t like chrome.

Strong Custom Truck Wheels From the Inside Out

Cast aluminum truck wheels are still a viable option. Cast aluminum truck wheels still have their place. Cast aluminum truck wheels are lightweight and sturdy, so they won’t increase the truck’s unsprung weight. These molds are available in a variety of designs. They can also be made at a lower price so that they are more affordable.

A billet wheel is solid from the inside. Small air bubbles can be formed during the aluminum casting process. This makes the metal porous and doesn’t have as much strength as a wheel made from a billet. A billet wheel is free from porosity.

Here is another reason why billet wheels are preferred. Billet wheels can also be made of stronger materials than cast counterparts. They are less susceptible to metal fatigue at high temperatures. Let’s face the facts: strong trucks need strong truck wheels. Billet wheels are made to last. While looks are important, it is a performance that matters. Billet wheels are reliable.


Your truck is your creation. The truck wheels can make or break it. You want the ultimate customized look, but billet wheels are stronger. American Force can help.

The Faceplate Series was designed with you in mind. American Force begins with a solid billet and then mills it into a beautiful design. The face is CNC machined to fit a faceplate. The faceplate is perfectly flush mounted by the millers. A billet has the advantage of being able to be manufactured and designed with greater precision than a cast. This is especially true when it comes to the final appearance of your wheel once it has been bolted.

The Faceplate Series lets you create a unique look with a billet wheel. The insert plate is made of metal and not plastic. The metal plate can be powder-coated, plated, or airbrushed. Are you ready for a custom look? You can simply remove the faceplate and refinish it to give your truck wheels a new look. It’s both billet tough and custom in one wheel. If you want to get custom wheels for your ride today contact us!