Easiest Mods for Your First TruckIf you are interested in getting more out of your first new truck, then you have come to the right place. Modifications can often be a bit intimidating for a new truck owner but luckily, there are some excellent starting places for your earliest modifications. Here are some of the easiest mods for your first truck:


An exhaust is an excellent performance improvement that you can add to any truck. A full exhaust system from Magnaflow or Borla can be a small investment but it can quickly add some extra horsepower to your truck and help it sound better. It is likely that you may have to spend around $500 for one of these upgrades but it is absolutely worth the added expense so that you can start to see the performance improvement instantly.

New Lighting

If you are planning on offroading in your truck or you are interested in driving out in the country it is a good idea to consider the option to add new lighting to your truck. Updating the lighting through headlights, taillights, and new fog lights can give you greater visibility and add a cool new style for your truck as well.


A quality bumper is a great way to change the shape of the body as well as add new performance to your vehicle. Aggressive style bumpers can change the way your truck accelerates and the way your truck looks. A bumper can be an early stage of a body kit that is very useful for offering weight reduction and aerodynamics improvements.

Wheels and Tires

Adding new wheels or tires for your vehicle makes a massive difference when it comes to your handling and performance. Adding new sets of wheels can outfit your truck for offroad use, better handling in the snow, or help you get a better grip on the road. Changing your rims can make for lighter rims that can offer precision performance. You can also consider changing over to rims that will offer added strength for your off-road needs. There are limitless options for wheels and tires that can help you set up your truck to meet any performance needs.

Flash Tuning

Most of the performance components on modern trucks are controlled by the ECU. The computer controls in your truck usually pre-set to deliver a standard level of performance for highway driving. If you are going to be changing your vehicle in any way, this can change the way that your vehicle performs. Adjusting the ECU settings can make sure that you are able to access greater performance from your vehicle with fuel economy, acceleration, and more. Extra tuning options in the ECU can be a fairly inexpensive option that can be used to make drastic changes to performance and the way your vehicle reacts on the road or offroad.

Consider some of these top tips and more if you are interested in mods for your first truck. Any of these early mods can be an excellent way that you can maximize the performance of your vehicle without having to shell out thousands of dollars in modifications. Starting with some of these early modifications can help you see a noticeable difference in your performance and it will let you decide if it may be time for you to consider more serious modifications like changing over to carbon fiber body components, adding in suspension or major engine servicing. Contact us today to learn about all the options we have to help you add mods for your first truck.