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Our team stocks and installs a wide range of custom wheels in Tampa FL and the surrounding areas. If you have been shopping for a new set of wheels, we can give you a wide range of inventory options to suit your needs. We can help you consider the advantages and disadvantages of each wheel type and help you find the ideal custom wheels to suit your needs.

Buying Custom Wheels With Us

We have a massive selection of custom wheels that you can get for performance in your vehicle. Some of the wheels we specialize in include the following.


Steel wheels are a heavier wheel that is designed to provide a vehicle with a lower center of gravity. Steel wheels can be the perfect option for harsh road conditions such as managing snow and off-road rugged terrain. A steel wheel may not come with the same level of performance improvements such as the steering and stopping power.


Our alloy wheels are optimal for performance characteristics and produced using lightweight alloy materials. The goal of these wheels is to increase steering precision and cornering while decreasing road feedback. Upgrading your wheels to alloy can improve the look of your vehicle and make sure that you can see improved performance capabilities with stopping power and cornering.


If you are looking for an aesthetically pleasing finish for your wheels, you should consider adding a chrome option for your tires. Chrome wheels are sought out by drivers if they’re interested in improving the cosmetic appearance of their tires. Adding chrome to your vehicle could be a prestigious touch for your tires.

Wheels and Rims

The process for manufacturing custom wheels can vary based on the materials. Cast wheels are manufactured through a process of pouring molten aluminum into a mold, the shape of the wheel is formed through gravity and pressure casting.

Machined wheels include the process of casting, spinning, heating, and machining. There is a precise level of pressurization that fills up the mold with aluminum and forms the shape of the wheel.

Forged wheels are designed to take a solid piece of aluminum and mold it through a process of high heat and extreme pressure. Forged wheels are produced using a strong, light, and dense construction.

Various wheel sizes and weights will mean different things when it comes to performance characteristics. If you plan on upgrading the current size of your wheels make sure that it does not go beyond the maximum size requirements for your vehicle. The weight of the wheel will also impact the performance, having heavy wheels can impact braking distance and reduce your handling. If you are going to be taking your vehicle off-road regularly, you might want to select a heavier wheel style so that you can preserve your tires over difficult terrain.

If you need assistance with choosing the ideal wheel type for your vehicle, contact us today to learn more.

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