Custom Suspension in Tampa

We’ve all seen that huge truck barreling down the highway, lifted far above the other measly cowering below it. Let’s face the truth, we all want to own that truck as well. However, it is not very often that you can just buy a truck like that factory original, you’ll need to seek out a true auto professional with years of experience handling and modifying cars. From lift kits, custom wheels, killer rims, and custom suspension, Wheel Identity handles it all! Come to our shop for the best custom suspension in Tampa!

The benefits to applying a custom suspension lift to your truck are numerous, by lifting your frame you’ll make your truck an off-roading machine; lifting the suspension and frame allows vehicles much better access to step ascents and bumpy terrain, it’s the perfect solution for off-road fun! Lift kits are also highly sought after for their cosmetic benefits, it’s simple: lifted trucks look aggressive and that looks sells well for these vehicles. The beauty of custom suspension is exactly what it says, it’s customizable. You can have the exact height, look, and lift that you desire, or the one that fits your vehicle best!

Custom suspension isn’t limited to lifting vehicles, you can get the perfect custom lowered suspension as well! A lowered suspension has its own host of benefits, it’s perfect for smaller, speedier cars. If you’re into racing and you’re trying to achieve optimal results, we can design the perfect custom suspension to be the first past the post! Our lift kits will get your vehicle closer to the road, giving your tires an easier chance of gripping the road and improving over handling! Another benefit is that our suspension kits lowers how low your vehicle sits, letting less air under the car and decreasing the drag your vehicle experiences. These lift kits are proven to help improve your speed, handling, and performance.

Wheel Identity has years of experience serving the Tampa Bay community and offering the best deals on custom rims, wheels, lift kits, and suspension services. Our mechanics are the best in the industry and can provide you with great advice regarding the best products for your vehicle! If you’re looking for the best custom suspension in Tampa, you’ve reached the right place! Contact us today for the best service for your valued ride.

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