Choosing The Right Aftermarket WheelsChanging out your tires isn’t usually a difficult job to do on your own but when it comes to choosing the ideal type of aftermarket wheels, it isn’t as easy as you would think. Not only will you have to choose the look that you want, but you have to find a style that doesn’t overpower your current styling. Because custom rims can come in almost any type of pattern, you may need to consider options like bolt patterns, backspacing, offsets, and more. You’ll also need to consider the diameter of aftermarket wheels and if they will fit in your vehicle. As a customer, you focus on what looks good on your vehicle whereas the installer will be responsible for finding the ideal fit. This article will help you find the right aftermarket wheels for your lifestyle.

Choosing Between Staggered or Square

A staggered or squared style wheel can be an important choice to make when you are adding new tires to your vehicle. A square fit means that the wheels on the front and the back are going to be the same. With a staggering fit, the wheels on the back are going to be wider. If you are choosing a four-wheel-drive vehicle, you will only have the choice of a squared-up wheel. Choosing a staggered look could be an excellent way to go for a more aggressive look for your vehicle.

A staggered fit will also widen the tire and this can give you better performance and handling. A staggered wheel is often better for performance but you will need to choose some type of aftermarket wheel to get this look and performance.

Do You Go Off-Road?

If you are going off-road regularly or you regularly drive on rough roads, you’re going to want an aftermarket wheel that’s able to tackle this terrain and work with your suspension as well. Larger style tires are perfect for use in the mud and they can help you get out of a variety of difficult situations. If you want a type of tire that is going to improve performance and durability, you’ll want to consider an off-road tire. If you’re only going to be driving on the road, choosing an alloy wheel could be a wise decision for managing weight while improving performance.

The Aesthetic

There’s a wide range of finishes that are available for most streetcars. Adding different powder coats, chrome finishing, matte black coats and more can give a distinct look for your rims. Choosing the finish that works best for your vehicle is a great option for keeping your vehicle looking stylish.

A major consideration that you need to make is whether you would like to keep your wheels looking manufacturer-specific. If you want to maintain a look that is factory-fresh, you may want to choose chrome or a lighter finish for your wheels so that you can maintain your wheels and keep the overall look of your vehicle.

Offsets and Backspacing

One of the things that may dictate the type of wheels you end up getting comes down to the fit. Our aftermarket wheel experts can determine which fits will work with your wheel well. We will outline the best type of rims that suit your manufacturer and let you know which rims are compatible with your vehicle.

Choosing a set of aftermarket wheels does not need to be a difficult process. Making the decision alongside an expert will make sure that it can go smoothly. Contact us today to learn more about aftermarket wheels.