The Dodge ram was one of the top-selling vehicles in the year 2019 ranking second behind the Ford F150. It seems like many people in the United States are interested in owning a truck and getting access to towing power. There are many new Dodge Rams on the road and getting the right tires to customize a truck can be the first thing that comes to mind for many new truck owners. With nearly 300,000 Dodge rams sold by the end of June of 2019, there are many trucks on the roads today seeking brand-new rims and wheels. Here is a breakdown of some of the top wheels to fit dodge ram trucks.

Fuel Off Road

If you’re going to be taking your truck off-road picking up a good set of off-road tires can be crucial to staying safe. It’s tough to narrow down the best off-road tires but the off-road tires that many people are appreciating today are the Fuel Off Road truck tires that have come out recently. The hostage style matte black is perfect for their street style as well as changing the look of your truck. This line of rugged alloys are perfect for the trail and it can also give your truck with a very rugged look.

Moto Metal

This is one of the best options for many lifted or stock trucks. One of the top-selling wheels on the market for the Dodge ram in replacement wheels is the Moto Metal Melee wheel selection. The spokes on this design are quite unique and they complement the edges of your front tires and rims. The gloss finish looks great on almost any type of RAM package and the accents are perfectly machined to make your truck stand out as it is on the road.

KMC XD Series Wheels

The KMC XD series is best known for the rockstar line which is a matte black street style wheel that has extremely large and stylized spokes. The shape spokes can make your truck seem much more aggressive and the center offers a little bit of flash to add to a luxury experience. These are rims that can present you with a look of aggression as well as luxury and this is a series that’s made for the streets as well as off-road. If you’re looking for a wheel design that’s going to be extremely stylish and tough enough that you could use it in an off-road condition, this is a complementing wheel design that does not overly distract yet offers very tough options for your truck.

As well as recommending the best type of wheels that we can install with your Dodge Ram, we can handle the process of fitting tires to your truck. We can outfit any model of the Dodge ram from the 3500 model down to the 1500 model. Just let us know what the year of your truck is, the model and the style that you would like and we can make appropriate recommendations for your truck.

If you are seeking off road or street style wheels this year, outfitting your truck could help to change the entire design and make sure that you can enjoy a better ride and experience in one of America’s best-selling vehicles. Our installation package includes mounting, balancing and installation support. We can assist you today with awesome wheels designed to fit Dodge Ram Trucks. Contact us today!