AMERICAN MUSCLE CARS AND AMERICAN MUSCLE WHEELSWhile it is easy to look back at the history of the American muscle car with reverence and nostalgia, the truth is that the glory days of American muscle cars are still very much alive and roaring. With such technological advancements in vehicle and wheel engineering and design, Mustangs are still tearing up the pavement with obscene amounts of horsepower all across the nation. Challengers are still blowing out the competition. Cameros are still setting the bar for beauty and performance. Truly, the era of muscle cars has never been more healthy, despite many people thinking of the era of the great American muscle car only dating back to the roots of the movement in the ’60s and ’70s.

Muscle Cars Born With Bootlegging Roots

While the design and technology behind a lot of the details in modern muscle cars – including the wheels – has advanced greatly, the lightweight, powerful beasts still hold true to the form of the very first muscle car, the Oldsmobile Rocket 88.

The Rocket 88 has a hefty V8 engine but placed within a body that was designed for a V6. The combination set the auto world on fire because it basically gave you a ’50s NASCAR circuit feel.

But, you cannot forget that the American muscle car has its roots deeply planted in the age of bootleggers. These bootleggers would modify their cars in order to be able to outrun the police when needed. In the south, bootleggers would quickly become famous for the amount of power they were able to get in their vehicles without adding too much weight. This is because as much as going fast is a priority, cargo space was desperately needed, too. When prohibition came to an end, these auto geniuses kept adapting and modifying their cars, but instead of outrunning the law, they would take it to the track and race each other in what became the stock car racing boom of the ’40s.

Engineering Advancements in the ’50s 

The American muscle car is made possible in the first place thanks to the small block V8 engine. In the ’50s, engineers at Chevrolet came up with a hemispherical combustion chamber for the engine that saw the cylinder calves set to face each other in order to improve the airflow and get the most possible power out of the engine. These engines, better known now as Hemis, are what made the Chrysler C-300 capable of hitting 300 horsepower.

Modern Advancements To an American Classic

When it comes to some of the ways modern owners of American muscle cars are getting the most out of their rides is through the amazing new wheel technology available aftermarket. When it comes to making customizations to your powerful ride, be it a Mustang, Challenger, or classic Camero, the first place you should look is down at the wheels.

A few of the best custom wheels for getting the most out of your American muscle car include:

Afterburner: There is no way you will not feel the burn when you roar down the road on 671B Afterburners in black. These wheels are an amazing, modern riff on the classic Mustang rims. What separates these from the classics is that they are elevated and have a one-piece cast construction which helps them remain light while staying powerful – just like your car.

Vector: If you are looking for something a little more offset to set you and your ride apart from the crowd, then Vectors may be exactly the thing you are looking for. While these wheels are available in different offsets, they are really designed with high offsets in mind. These are perfect for pushing the envelope of what your Charger will be able to handle by increasing the mounting surface from your centreline. If you are looking to put some awesome rims and tired of your American muscle then contact us today!