All About The XFX FLOW SERIESDepending on how in-the-know about all things tires and wheels you are, you may or may not already be well aware of the breakthrough Flow technology that is currently being used to create wheels for all sorts of high-end vehicles and track performers. But, something that you may not be aware of is the XFX Flow Series is one of the first series to take this Flow technology and apply it to wheels specifically built for off-road use.

The XFX Flow Series looks to be on the cutting-edge of the future of high-volume wheel production by using a raw barrel to spin the barrel of the wheel out. This helps create a super-strong but lightweight wheel barrel. While the wheel design is cast much like a traditional wheel, it is truly this barrel that sets the Flow series apart from a lot of its competition.

Creating A World of FLOW

XFX firmly believes that Flow technology is the way of the future when it comes to off-road wheels because this technology helps create some shockingly strong wheels that are still very lightweight, which is the perfect combination for an off-roading experience like no other. Using the Flow technology, XFX is able to take its wheels to a whole new level, which means you are able to take your off-road ride to a whole new level, too.

First-of-its-kind Floating Cap

The XFX Flow Series has made industry history by being the first brand to offer its customers and clients a floating center cap as part of their standard features on the Flow series wheels. One of the fabulous details these wheels have is the bottom-weighted floating caps. What does being bottom weighted have to do with anything, you may ask yourself. Well, this means that whether the wheel is spinning or is at a complete standstill, the center logo will remain parallel with the ground. These fancy floating caps have been populated in the world of luxury vehicles by Rolls Royce, but have since been used by high-end brands all across the world. Now, you can have the same style and flash on your truck as this is a standard option on all Flow series wheels.

Dual-Drilled Exposed Lug

When listing off the many benefits of the XFX Flow Series wheels, you would be doing yourself a disservice to not put the fact that they are equipped with exposed, dual-drilled lugs at the very top of your list. Exposed lug wheels are great because they can open the door to a world of customization for your truck or SUV that is only limited by your own imagination. You can have options such as spiked lugs, or custom-colored lug nuts on your ride. The fact that they are also dual-drilled means that these wheels will also allow you to use double fitment options on your ride while only having to leave one set of lugholes exposed.

A Multitude of Finishes

There has been a distinct lack of finish options on the market, and that is why the XFX Flow Series have rushed in to fill the hole in the market by offering six different finish options for you to choose from. While black and milled chrome dominates the off-road wheel world, the Flow Series offers some fresh alternatives to the scene with options such as brushed and milled, red and milled, gloss black with red inners, and even glossed black with brushed faces. These new finish options are perfect to work alongside colored lift kits or other components you may have on your truck or SUV. If you are looking to put some XFX Flow Series Rims on your truck then contact us today!