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Why is the Ford F150 the undisputed champion in the pickup truck category here in the Tampa Bay area? With the same story countrywide, it might be because it’s hard to beat this model’s imposing looks, off-roading capabilities, and powerful performance capabilities. But as any avid off-roader will tell you, even the most powerful truck can still benefit from quality off-road upgrades.

Lift kits are one such upgrade. In addition to improved off-road driving experiences, the best F150 lift kit for your truck will give it that no-nonsense aesthetic with much better ground clearance. It will also allow you to try bigger tires for better wheel travel. 

On the aesthetic side of things, lift kits give your Ford F150 a meaner look without affecting the towing capacity. However, you need quality lift kits to enjoy any of these advantages. So, save yourself the hassle of going through different Ford F150 lift kits review platforms, and let us cover the top ten options for you below.

#1 Performance Accessories Body Lift Kit

It’s impossible to talk about the best F150 lift kit on the market without mentioning this one from Performance Accessories. The product is a popular choice for Tampa’s off-roading enthusiasts because it provides three inches of lift without changing your truck’s suspension geometry.

Do you want a lower center of gravity on the truck than a suspension lift kit of similar dimensions? This is the right lift kit, especially if you want larger-diameter tires more than you want extra ground clearance. As a bonus, the high-precision parts and high-pressure fiberglass lifting blocks promise your truck a smooth ride, powerful performance potential, and longevity.

#2 Rough Country 6-inch Suspension Lift Kit

Would you like to see your Ford F150 high off the ground and capable of conquering just about any terrain? The Rough Country 6-inch lift kit is a truck enhancement you should have high up on your list. It practically gives you a whole new suspension!

Upon successful installation, you’ll have enough ride height for 35-inch tires without worrying about proper wheel spacing. The lift kit also features a drive shaft spacer, so you won’t notice any visible difference in the ride and handling pre- and post-installation. The special design of the rear blocks also eliminates axle-wrapping.

Rough Country offers a lifetime replacement warranty on the parts in this kit. However, this kit needs professional installation, as the lift kit installation guide can be complicated. Throw in the fact that the installation will involve some cutting and drilling, and you’re better off handing off the project to a Tampa Bay truck lift services provider like Wheel Identity Tires and Accessories.

#3 Fox 2.0 Performance Coil-Over Shocks

These Fox Performance Series coil-over shocks are another top choice of lift kit to go with if you’re not necessarily looking for extra ground clearance. The shocks can increase lift by up to two inches. However, most people choose them because they offer a smoother on-road experience while still significantly improving off-road driving.

The shocks consist of extruded aluminum, which is highly rust-resistant. There’s also no risk of oil aeration due to the unique mono-tube design.

One downside to note is that you can’t adjust the pre-loaded height.

#4 ReadyLift 7-Inch Suspension Lift Kit

If any suspension lift kit is the perfect embodiment of “go big or go home,” it’s this ReadyLift 7-Inch Complete Lift Kit System. It’s the best F150 lift kit for drivers who want to achieve the maximum lift possible for their trucks. In fact, when you’re out and about in Tampa and admire an imposing F150 truck you come across, there’s a good chance it contains this kit or something similar.

With this ReadyLift suspension lift kit, you can enjoy seven inches of ground clearance and install tires up to 37 inches. The best feature is that this ample ground clearance doesn’t compromise the ride quality or steering geometry. And you’ll always get the same top-class performance whether you’re on or off the road.

#5 Daystar 4-Inch 4.0 Series Tactical Lift Kit

When it comes to lift kits as automotive upgrades, one approach across Tampa that’s picked up is the combination of body lift and leveling kits. The combination gives your truck a lower center of gravity but with all the benefits of a suspension lift at a more affordable price point.

This lift kit is another one that offers unparalleled ride quality, comfort, and good looks all in one. It’s the perfect option if you want just enough lift to support up to 35-inch tires. It’s the perfect choice if you want to make your truck look more powerful without losing the factory ride quality.

#6 Rolling Big Power Lift Kits

The RBP lift kit system is one of the best lift kits for Ford F150 models if you want the perfect blend of ride quality, performance, and head-turning aesthetics. With this kit, you’ll enjoy the ground clearance of a customized off-road vehicle. However, you’ll also get the ride handling of a truck that’s fresh off the factory lines.

If you want greater versatility, these premium-quality parts eliminate the distance between the truck wheels and the raised body beautifully. If you install the kit correctly, you’ll maintain the factory’s suspension geometry. If you want your Ford F150 to seamlessly switch from your commute vehicle to your companion for off-roading adventures, this is a great choice.

#7 MotoFab Lifts 2-Inch Leveling Kit

Are you looking for an affordable leveling kit that will allow you to lift the front of the truck and align it with the rear? The MotoFab Lifts 2-Inch leveling kit is one of the top off-road upgrades for F150 vehicles at the moment. Plus, as any F150 owners in Tampa Bay can attest, the kit is an effective way to get those larger tires onto your truck. 

Since this kit isn’t one of the costliest on the market, it’s easy to think that it won’t last. However, it consists of high-quality aluminum and a powder coating that does the job well. 

Installing the kit is a two-hour job that doesn’t require disassembling the coil spring or strut. So, you get value for money with this leveling kit. However, you should prepare to lose a little ride-handling smoothness.

#8 BDFHYK 3-Inch Leveling Kit

Are you looking for top lift kits for trucks that are also easy to install? The BDFHYK 3-inch leveling kit for F150 is a great-quality choice. The leveling kit raises your truck’s front and rear, giving it that impressive look you want in a quality off-road vehicle. And you won’t notice any changes in your truck’s balance and ride handling.

If you follow the instructions in the lift kit installation guide to the letter, you can mount the best F150 lift kit and take the truck for a spin within an hour. Plus, the unique design prevents dirt and grime from sticking to the surface, and the coating on the kit protects your truck from the elements when you head off the beaten path.

#9 Rough Country Leveling Strut Extensions

This cost-effective leveling kit is another option for raising the front of your truck on a budget. It’s an option for both 2WD and 4WD models and delivers 2.5 inches of lift. This takes up the F150’s toughness factor a little and allows you to easily clear larger obstacles during off-road driving.

As with the other kits on our list, many users agree that it’s best (and more convenient!) to hand over the installation of these extensions to an expert.

#10 Yitamotor Leveling Lift Kit 

Lastly, the Yitamotor spacer kit is an excellent choice if you want to lift your truck’s front by two to three inches. The company makes these kits in three options: 2, 2.5, and 3 inches. Make your choice based on how much lift you’re aiming for.

If you’re going for larger tires, the 3-inch Yitamotor Leveling Lift Kit is an excellent choice. It only takes 2.5 inches of lift for the truck’s front rake to disappear. You’ll also see an immediate change in the truck’s appearance but won’t notice any changes in your driving comfort, steering, and overall ride quality.

Transform Your Ride with Top Lift Kits for Trucks and More!

Installing a lift kit on your Ford F150 is one of the best ways to improve your driving experience. Do you love exploring Tampa’s great outdoors away from the major highways? Installing the best F150 lift kit for your truck guarantees the following:

  • Higher ground clearance
  • Better off-road performance
  • Easier tire changes

You’re sure to get more compliments on your truck’s presentation. However, you can only enjoy these advantages if you choose the right lift kit and follow the installation instructions carefully.

Don’t risk damage to your truck or put yourself in danger by trying to install a lift kit yourself. Instead, call Wheel Identity Tires and Accessories at (813) 590-4548 or fill out our contact form for help with installing your lift kit in Tampa Bay!

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