‍How To Choose The Best Custom Wheels And TiresIf you decide that it’s time to change the tires or wheels on your vehicle, it’s likely that you’re dealing with a series of aftermarket selections for the advantages that come with each one. The process of finding the right combination of tires and rims can be time-consuming; however, there are a number of excellent factors you can use to improve the results. Here are some of the best ways that you can upgrade your custom wheels and tires with aftermarket products:

Consider Your Lug Bolt Pattern

Every vehicle will have its own lug bolt pattern which is the number and position of the bolts you can apply on each wheel. A custom wheel will be able to suit the pattern directly to your vehicle via custom manufacturing. Most wheel and red manufacturers include a database with their wheels to display the number of lug bolt patterns that come standard with the most popular models.

Factory Diameter And Width

The diameter and width of the wheel are important in making sure the setup on the wheel will be compatible with the design of your car. If the diameter changes, adjustments may need to be added to your suspension and the overall design of your car. Selecting an aftermarket wheel of the same width can make setting up and changing them out much easier.


Price can be a huge consideration when shopping for custom wheels. You get what you pay for when it comes to custom car wheels or rims. There’s a number of luxury components that you can use for performance, but these are often not needed when on a tight budget. Consider your overall budget for a wheel upgrade and make sure to bring this forward to the manufacturer when making a purchase. This way you don’t end up purchasing unnecessary extras.


Measuring the offset is much easier with the help of a professional mechanic. Measuring offsets for the components help ease the planning process, making sure the wheel does not sit against the hub of the tire, in order to achieve optimal performance.


The distance between the hub and the inner edge of the wheel is known as the backspacing section. Most types of custom wheels have access level backspacing and this is there to accommodate aftermarket wheels and tires. Measuring the backspacing on your vehicle can be important in making sure that you can accommodate custom wheels, especially if they are larger in diameter than the stock wheels that you have on your vehicle out of the showroom.

A set of custom wheels is an excellent way that you can outfit your vehicle with performance enhancements. Although custom wheels can take extra research, it is well worth the added performance improvements that you can deliver for your vehicle. If you’re interested in improving your vehicle with aftermarket wheels to add more grip and to help you enjoy greater vehicle performance, contact our staff today. We can make the process of getting your custom wheels easier. We have a widely stocked inventory and a number of excellent wheels that can help you push the performance of your vehicle to the next level.

Our team will assist you with everything including measurements, accessing custom accessories falling within your price range, as well as making the final selection for your vehicle performance over the long term. We can offer everything from custom wheels that have been specially forged or highly durable, and lightweight materials that can help you access a massive edge in performance.

Contact us today should you have any questions or if you’d like to improve your vehicle with custom wheels and tires.